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Strategic Plan

New Strategic Plan Developed After Extensive Process
By Linda Hollis
The boards of the Potomac Green Community Association and the Potomac Green Condominium Unit Owners Association adopted a strategic plan (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) in April and have begun to work with committees and management to implement it. The plan, which provides a prioritized, actionable multi-year road map for Potomac Green, was shaped in a series of meetings over six months and was guided by extensive community input. It will be linked with annual budget allocations and will be reviewed and updated periodically.
The ad hoc Strategic Planning Committee was chartered in September 2021 and included Chair Tom Durakis, Lynne Chernin, Ruth Page, Dick Sena and Alice Wolf. They retained Cate Fulkerson of Points North Strategies, LLC, who has been the community’s consultant throughout the strategic planning process.
A Google Form survey gave the committee a stakeholder assessment that was shared with board members, management staff, committee chairs, leaders of clubs and groups and condominium building captains. Forty-eight respondents shared their perspectives on Potomac Green’s greatest strengths, challenges, innovative ideas and priorities for the next five years. The findings from the assessment were presented and can be found on the committee’s webpage, (Strategic Planning (potomacgreen.org).
The consultant reviewed the community’s current governing documents for the committee in February. The committee and consultant developed, tested and revised a community survey conducted from Jan. 14 through Feb. 4 by an anonymous Google Form survey of the 1,950 email addresses in the website directory, covering all 1,363 households in Potomac Green. Responses were received from 664 individuals, which exceeded the statistically relevant threshold of 302 responses. The preliminary survey results showed high levels of resident satisfaction.
  • 90% are likely to very likely to recommend living in Potomac Green to someone they know.
  • 87% are satisfied to very satisfied with the community’s facilities and amenities.
  • 84% are satisfied to very satisfied with maintenance and operations services.
The final survey results were submitted by the consultant and included tabulated responses to the 11 open-ended questions. That report was provided to 25 people who participated in strategic planning workshops for 9½ hours over three days in March. Participants included all seven members of the PGCA board, all members of the Strategic Planning Committee, chairs of four other PGCA standing committees, two members of the PGCUOA board, representatives of all PGCUOA committees, and five First Service Residential staff. (This writer represented the Condo Building Captains Committee.) The workshops were facilitated by Cate Fulkerson of Points North Strategies.
STRATEGIC PLAN 2022 - 2026