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Assessment Information

2023 Monthly Assessment Fees:
Potomac Green Community Association
Potomac Green Condo UOA
Single Family and Villa Homes $294.00 Not Applicable
Condo Homes $276.50 $314.00
Payment Due Dates and Late Fees:
  Potomac Green Community Association
Potomac Green Condo UOA
Due Date: 1st day of the month 1st day of the month
Cutoff Date: Late if received after the 30th of the month Late if received after the 10th of the month
Late Fee: 5% of balance due  $50
Manage & Pay Your Charges Online:  You have a more convenient and secure way to manage and pay your charges online through our provider, ClickPay.  As the preferred way of accepting payments, please register by clicking here and begin making individual or automatic payments online by e-check (ACH) for FREE or by credit and debit card for a nominal fee.  Once activated, you may access your account at www.ClickPay.com/FirstService.  For help with your account, visit www.ClickPay.com/GetHelp or call 888.354.0135 (option 1).   
Pay by Check:  You will receive a coupon book each year in November or December.  Please be sure to include the coupon when sending a payment.  There are mailing labels in the coupon book or you can send payments to the address below.
Pay by your bank’s online bill-pay service: 
  • Your Account Number must be present on your payment
  • Checks must be made out to Potomac Green Community Association or Potomac Green Condo
  • Do not make checks payable to FirstService Residential as this may cause issues with processing
  • Checks must be mailed so they arrive at the lockbox address by the 1st of the month to ensure timely processing
Payment address:  
P.O. Box 30465
Tampa, FL 33630-3465
A FirstService Residential Representative is available 24/7 to assist you with general account questions.  Please dial 800-870-0010 to reach our Customer Care Center.