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The answers for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) listed below are as of September 1, 2021. Answers are based on current PG Board of Directors (BOD), Management Agent (MA), and standing committees' policies and procedures. FAQs will be reviewed semi-annually to ensure the answers reflect current policies and procedures.
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Architectural Modification
  • chevron_rightHow do I obtain approval to change my landscape or patio?
    Landscape and exterior home modifications require an Architectural Modification Form be completed and submitted to the Managing Agent no later than 5:00 p.m. the Wednesday before the Modification Committee's scheduled Monday meeting. The committee reviews the request to make sure it complies with the requirements in the Potomac Green Community Association Design Guidelines and approves or disapproves the request. The committee's decision is transmitted to the homeowner, via a letter, sent by the PG Covenants Administrator. Click here to view or download a copy of the form. Check the Community Calendar or The Happenings to find the committee's next meeting date.
Communications and Points of Contact
Financial Management
  • chevron_rightWhat are assessments and how do they relate to the homeowners association's operating budget?
    Regular assessments, often referred to as homeowners association dues, are the recurring periodic payments owners must pay to fund the operation of the association. The regular assessments must be sufficient to cover the operating budget of the association. As with the operating budget, governing documents allow the board to establish these dues without owner vote, although the Board encourages you to attend the Finance Committee’s budget briefing to the community in early October of each year, and to submit your comments for consideration.
  • chevron_rightWhat is a special assessment, and how is the amount and payment schedule established?
    A special assessment is an assessment for an association expense that was under-budgeted or not budgeted. It can be made payable in a single installment or in multiple installments. In general, the board has the power to impose small special assessments and to determine the payment schedule; however, any proposed alteration, addition or improvement to the common area which would result in a charge to a dwelling unit of more than 10% of the annual base assessment must be approved by the affirmative vote of at least 2/3 of the votes cast by voting members who represent the dwelling units which would be assessed to pay the cost of the proposed alteration, addition or improvement.
  • chevron_rightWhat happens if an owner does not pay a regular or special assessment?
    If an owner does not pay a regular or special assessment, he or she is subject to a variety of fees and penalties including liens and possible non-judicial foreclosure as determined by the board and the homeowners association lawyer.
  • chevron_rightWhy must my homeowners' association assessment (dues) increase?
    As the homeowners association's expenses increase additional revenue is required to offset those increases. It’s inevitable our assessments will increase to keep up with inflation or new budget requirements such as items newly identified in a reserve study update. The homeowners association board takes its fiduciary responsibility very seriously and will only increase the assessment when it is absolutely necessary.
  • chevron_rightWhat is a reserve study and a reserve funding plan?
    A reserve study is a careful analysis of the future repair and replacement needs of the association based on the condition of the elements of the property we maintain, a projection of the remaining useful life of these elements and future cost to repair or replace them, and the amount of money we have in our reserve fund. A reserve funding plan is an agenda regarding collecting money from the owners through regular and/or special assessments to fund the reserve needs of the association. Virginia code requires each homeowners association to undertake a new reserve study, and make a new reserve funding plan, at least once every five years, but we tend to do this more frequently in Potomac Green.
  • chevron_rightHow does the homeowners association invest its reserve funds?
    PGPR-14, Investment of Community Funds, requires community funds and investments be FDIC-insured or guaranteed by the US Government, or be obligations of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The five main objectives are (1) safety of principal, (2) liquidity and accessibility, (3) minimize investment costs, (4) diversify to mitigate the effects of interest rate volatility upon reserve assets, and (5) seek the highest rate of return within these constraints.
  • chevron_rightHow does a resident object to an impending purchase by the Potomac Green Board of Directors?
    According to the homeowners association PGPR-08 Purchasing Policy, Section 2.2.b, homeowners must have an opportunity to comment on any new acquisition costing more than $5,000.00. Note: Purchases under $5,000.00 do not require homeowners comments nor procurement approval. There is a specific webpage titled Documents for Resident Review where these announcements are posted, and through which you may provide your comments. Homeowners are also encouraged to attend meetings of the committee that has oversight of the acquisition under consideration as well as the Finance Committee. Concerns and issues concerning the procurement action can also be addressed in an email to te Board of Directors at bod@potomacgreen.org.
General Information
  • chevron_rightAs a Potomac Green resident, am I obligated to run my lawn sprinklers?
    Yes. The Community Wide Standard (PGPR-13) requires lawns and plants be regularly watered so as to not detract from the appearance of the dwelling unit. Our community home values would certainly suffer if we were to let our lawns and plants turn brown and die.
  • chevron_rightHow do I get a broken or leaking irrigation tubing/pipe or broken sprinkler head in my lawn repaired?
    The homeowner should immediately turn-off the sprinkler system by using the system's shutoff valve--the valve should be located adjacent to the main water shutoff valve and be clearly marked (with a tag). Do Not Turnoff the main water shutoff valve for your home. Next, contact KT Irrigation at 703-479-2638 and report the problem.
  • chevron_rightWhen does the Spring start-up of irrigation systems begin?
    Spring start-up is performed by the current Potomac Green irrigation contractor (KT Irrigation) during the months of March, April, and May. The specific dates are determined by the contractor working in concert with the Managing Agent. Specific start-up tasks to be performed by the contractor include:
    • Install the backflow device
    • Pressurize the irrigation system
    • Check the system for leaks and make necessary repairs
    • Perform head operation and adjustments
    • Set the controller schedule.
    It is imperative that when KT Irrigation assigns the specific date and time for start-up for each residence that the homeowner is present because the backflow device must be given by the homeowner to the technician, and the water for the irrigation system must be turned-on (the shut-off valve is located in the home).
    If the designated start-up date and time conflicts with a homeowner's prior engagement, it is incumbent upon the homeowner to contact KT Irrigation at 703-479-2638 and make another appointment.
  • chevron_rightHow do I get my irrigation system winterized?
    The Managing Agent will email each homeowner and post an announcement in The Management Update identifying the start and end dates winterization will occur. KT Irrigation will email each homeowner with the date and time their technicians will be on their street winterizing home irrigation systems. It is essential the homeowner is present during the specified timeframe because the water for the system must be turned-off and the shut-off valve is located in the home. The winterization process consists of all water in the pipes and tubing being blown out through the sprinkler heads using an air compressor, and the backflow device being removed and given to the homeowner for winter storage.
    In the event the homeowner cannot be present on the scheduled date, he or she should contact KT Irrigation at 703-479-2638 and request another date and time. Failure to winterize the system could result in water in the pipes, tubing, and backflow device freezing and breaking.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the device that is attached to my gutter and has a wire that goes down my downspout and into my garage near my sprinkler control box?
    That device is a sensor that prevents your sprinkler system from turning on when it is raining. The sensor is also capable of shutting down the sprinkler system if rain is detected while the system is operating. Note: The rain shower must be of sufficient force to trigger the device. The sensor is tested by KT Irrigation during the Spring installation of the backflow device and setting of watering times.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the landscaping services provided by the Potomac Green landscaping contractor and what is the schedule of those services?
    Click here for a list, explanations, and time schedule of landscape services that are provided by CLS, the Potomac Green landscaping contractor.
  • chevron_rightHow does a homeowner obtain Potomac Green Community Association contracted landscaping services?
    A Service Request is the mechanism used by the Potomac Green Association (PGCA) for homeowners to request landscaping contracted support services. An online service request is generated by the homeowner by accessing the FirstService Residential Portal (FSRP) here and entering the information for the requested service. Upon display of the portal, a homeowner with an existing FSRP account must login. A homeowner without an FSRP account must create an account before being allowed to submit an online service request; however, homeowners do have the option to physically submit a service request by going to the Community Center and providing the essential information to the Resident Services team at the front desk.
  • chevron_rightI’m not happy with the way the landscape contractor did something in my yard. How can I get it fixed?
    A Service Request must be issued by FirstService Residential (FSR) to the landscaping contractor to resolve the issue. Click here to access FSR's portal; however, to actually submit a Service Request, the resident must create or login to an existing account. Alternative methods are to contact the Resident Services team at Community Center front desk and provide the necessary information to be entered into the system and provide the landscaping company notice of the issue and resolution required. If you use one of the alternative methods, ensure you obtain the service request number for reference purposes.
  • chevron_rightAfter a rainstorm, there is a significant amount of water that collects between my home and my neighbor's. Will the homeowners association resolve this problem?
    A Service Request must be submitted requesting the landscaping contractor to assess the situation, i.e., identify the reason(s) for the water collecting, and then provide a recommended solution. The findings are sent to the Managing Agent for a determination whether the home association or homeowner will pay for the work needed to solve the problem.
  • chevron_rightWill the landscape contractor trim my crape myrtle tree?
    Yes. There is a designated time each year the Managing Agent sends out a notification announcing the date(s) the landscaping contractor will be trimming crape myrtles in the community. This notice is sent out in November/December for the pruning that will occur in January/February of the coming year. A December deadline is set for residents to put in their request, via email or visiting the front desk at the Community Center. The current cost for trimming a single tree is $75 because of a group discount. If a homeowner decides to have their crape myrtle trimmed outside of the January/February timeframe, the homeowner is responsible for contacting the contractor to setup an appointment. Homeowners should be cognizant the group discount cost may not be offered or available outside of the scheduled timeframe.
  • chevron_rightHow does FirstService Residential (FSR) determine if plant material on a homeowner's lot qualifies for plant replacement by the landscaping contractor?
    If a homeowner wishes to have plant material on their property replaced, he or she must submit a Service Request through the FirstService Residential Portal (FSRP) or by visiting the front desk at the Community Center and providing the essential information, e.g., name, address, phone number, location and reason for replacing the plant material.
    FSR has the architectural applications to show if there have been major modifications or additional plantings on a homeowner's lot that do not qualify for replacement in the event a plant or bush dies. Typically, only shrubs that are surrounding a home or along the sidewalk are replaced. If there are plants around a patio or in the rear of the lot away from the patio, those plants would not be replaced. Bushes under trees are not replaced but will be removed should they die. The reason for non-replacement is because bushes are unable to compete with trees for soil nutrients and are more likely to die.
Management of Potomac Green
PGCA Documents
Potomac Green Recreational Facilities
Snow Removal
  • chevron_rightWhat is the snow removal policy for Potomac Green?
    Snow removal will commence upon the accumulation of 2 inches, as measured at Dulles International Airport, and will continue with periodic return visits as needed to fulfill the below specifications.  When weather forecasts predict larger accumulation, clearing may commence early with prior approval of the Management Agent or Board of Directors.  The Contractor is required to have the ability to remove any depth of snowfall within the time frames outlined below.  The time frames commence from the end of a snow event or last event if there are multiple events within a 24 hour period. 
          Accumulation                  Roadways                             Sidewalks
    2 – 12 inches of snow            24 hours                               48 hours
    12 – 18 inches of snow          48 hours                               72 hours
    18 – 24 inches of snow          4 days                                   6 days
    24+ inches of snow               Will be determined at the time of the storm
    The snow removal contractor performs services based on the snow removal objectives (click here to view) for Potomac Green. These objectives are available on the website and printed copy is available at the community center.
  • chevron_rightI have a medical condition or situation that requires treatment or medical services during a snow event. Is there a means to ensure I am able to receive treatment or services?
    If you are a resident with a “Life Threatening Medical Conditions” or receives critical services, you may qualify for priority snow removal services. These conditions or services include, but are not limited to, the following:
                   • Dialysis
                   • Chemo/Radiation
                   • Hospice/Home Caregiver Needs
                   • Oxygen
    To be placed on a list for priority snow removal services (passable road access and clearing of driveway apron, the resident must complete the Application to be Placed on the Priority Snow Removal list and provide a detailed letter from their doctor or employer explaining the reason(s) for placement on the priority list.
    The Managing Agent will provide the contractor with a list of street addresses for those Owners/Residents that have been placed on the snow removal priority list. The contractor is to give priority to providing passable access and clearing of snow from the driveway aprons for those residences.
    Residents on the Priority Snow Removal List must annually resubmit their application for approval and placement.
  • chevron_rightDoes the homeowners association provide contractors to clear residential driveways and sidewalks?
    It is the homeowner's responsibility to clear his or her driveway (less the concrete driveway apron) and sidewalks within their lots. A homeowner can privately contract snow removal services with the Potomac Green snow removal contractor or with another contractor. The Managing Agent will send an email to all residents and post in The Happenings announcing the Potomac Green snow removal policy and names of the contractors around the October-November timeframe.
Traffic Control
  • chevron_rightSince we are a gated community, shouldn't the front gates be closed at all times?
    Potomac Green meets the standard definition of a gated community, meaning that we have gates that control the movement of traffic in and out of the community. After much discussion and resident input, the Board had determined the community is best served by closing the gates between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the speed limit in Potomac Green?
    The speed limit within the community is 25 mph. A mobile speed camera is used to make residents aware of their vehicle speed when traveling through the community. The homeowners association has a contract with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office to patrol our streets and issue citations for speeding, failure to observe stop and yield signs, and other county and state vehicular violations.
  • chevron_rightWhy can't vehicles be parked on the streets within Potomac Green?
    The streets are too narrow to satisfy Loudoun County rules for on-street parking. Fire trucks and other emergency vehicles are not able to maneuver easily if cars and trucks are parked on the streets.
  • chevron_rightMy clicker to open the front entrance gate does not work. What should I do?
    The clicker may simply need a new battery. For a battery replacement stop by the front desk at the Community Center.
    In the event you are returning at night when the gate is closed and your clicker does not work, go to the callbox at the Gate House and call a neighbor to open the gate for you (your neighbor presses 9 on their phone). Another method for opening the gate (and not waking up your neighbor) is to go to the front desk at the Community Center and ask the Resident Services Administrator to program the callbox so that calls from the callbox goes to your cellphone.
  • chevron_rightWhy isn't there a guard at the front gate?
    At this point in time, the costs outweigh the benefits of having the gate staffed around the clock; however, this topic can be raised in the future by any resident for Board consideration.
  • chevron_rightWho can use the Visitor parking spaces in the overflow lots?
    Potomac Green's satellite parking spaces marked as "VISITOR" are for use by visitors only. Potomac Green residents may only park in "VISITOR" spaces while visiting other PG residents, who are not within walking distance of their own homes.
  • chevron_rightCan I park my extra vehicle in the satellite parking areas? If yes, for how long?
    Residents and visitors may park a vehicle in satellite parking areas. To ensure that all residents have equal opportunity to these spaces, it is encouraged to utilize your driveways and garages first and the satellite parking areas only as necessary. A vehicle that has been parked for more than 14 consecutive days can be deemed abandoned and be subject to towing.
Trash and Recycling