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Selling or Refinancing Info

resale package provides information about the homeowner’s association to which a home belongs. It has two parts: the resale certificate and the governing documents. The resale certificate is specific to the home. It includes any past-due payments or fees, information about the association, any existing violations, and any fees that are due on closing. The governing documents are the articles of incorporation, the Declaration of Covenants Conditions & Restrictions, Bylaws, and the resolutions of the community. It also provides information related to the yearly budget, financial statements, and meeting minutes. Resale packages are required when preparing to sell your home and presented to the potential buyer. 
There are many benefits to refinancing your home: changing your mortgage term, taking a lower interest rate, changing your loan structure or type, or taking cash out of your equity. FirstService Residential can help clients during this process by completing a Lender Questionnaire that is requested by your mortgage lender.
You can request information about selling or refinancing your home on the FirstService Residential website here.  
Please click here for guidelines on selling your home at Potomac Green.